Bee Scientifics


Supporting Communities and the Planet

We are committed to fostering healthy relationships with our community and planet.  This concept is the foundation of our business platform and we work extremely hard make and create sustainable relationships in all we do.

Australian Made

We are Australian farmers and we support Australian Farmers.  We choose to buy from Australian owned, Australian produced and family businesses where we can.  This commitment makes a huge difference.  When you buy our products, you are supporting a supply chain that is made up of Australian family businesses just like ours that keep Australian money in regional Australian economies.  THIS IS POWERFUL!

Buying Local

We are part of a vibrant Central Victoria community.  We choose to support those family businesses, crafters, makers, and farmers like ours that make our community a wonderful place to live.  Your purchases help make this possible!


We search out the best minimalist packaging for our products that are from recycled material and can be recycled or composted or re-used.  We also keep this in mind when choosing our suppliers and materials. We opt to work with businesses who share a commitment to waste reduction.  You’re welcome!



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