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We are delighted and honoured to be entrusted with the breeding lines developed and maintained by Master queen bee breeder Laurie Dewar, OAM and his family over the last 40 years.  These breeding lines were the cornerstone of Dewar Apiaries and were part of the former Australian National Queen Bee Breeding Program.

These lines have been selected for performance in commercial beekeeping operations in Queensland, Victoria, and Tasmania and have a solid reputation in the beekeeping industry.

We specialise in artificially inseminated breeder queens intended to be used as queen mothers for grafting and queen rearing.  These queens represent the best of the genetics in our breeding operation and will yield productive and gentle colonies.

For production hives and queening in quantity, we raise Queen Cells from our breeding lines, sold for $6 each (ex GST) in lots of 5.  Queening with cells ensures the addition of proven genetics to any operation and is a cost effective way to make splits or re-queen failing hives.  Pick up only from Bendigo VIC.

Mated production queens are now available Order here.

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