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Super Spirulina Bee Builder Protein Patty

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New look same great GOODNESS!

It is so easy being Green!!  Introducing our SUPERFOOD protein patties.  Similar to the Original formula, but with added Spirulina.  Check out this interesting article about feeding bees spirulina in the American Bee Journal.  We had the honour of working with Vincent and Mike at the USDA Bee lab in Baton Rouge during our ISSI fellowship where we learned all about the amazing benefits of feeding bees spirulina and knew we needed to make it available to Australian bees!  You’re Welcome!!

In short-bees love spirulina and it is actually more nutritional than high quality natural pollen and could act as a prebiotic supporting good gut bacteria.

As with our Original formula-Our Bee Builder Protein Patties support your bees’ nutritional needs when quality natural pollen is in short supply.  Proteins, fats, and amino acids are essential for building more bees and keeping healthy brood. Our patties are designed to build colonies quickly, support weak hives, and supply the extra nutrition needed for cell builders or breeder colonies.

It’s taken us 5 years to perfect this recipe and now we have perfected the delivery.  Bulk buckets. Simple.  Easy.  Yes!

You can think of it as “Bee Grub in a TUB!” (Thanks Peter Smith form Whirakee Woodware for that one!)

Our Protein Patty comes in three easy to manage sizes: 1kg, 3kg, 6kg.  12 kg is available upon request so please email or call us for this.

The bulk container lets you judge how much feed to put in a hive.  We recommend about a golf ball size per frame of brood and place as close to the nurse bees as possible.  On top of the brood nest works great.  The most important thing is that you give bees only what they can eat in about 3-5 days to prevent small hive beetle activity. If you would really like patties, you can wrap them yourself!  Easy Peasy.

Feeding Guidelines: 1 kg 3 kg 6 kg
amount fed no. feeds
nucs 50g 100g 20 to 10 60 to 30 120 to 60
production hives 100g 200g 10 to 5 30 to 15 60 to 30

We are constantly working on maximising the quality and bioavailability of the nutrients in our feeds and use high quality ingredients produced in Australia where possible.  Our special formula is enriched and balanced in omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids and contains therapeutic and attractant essential oils.  Bonus! These patties won’t dry out in the hive or go mouldy and stay pliable and accessible to the bees.

Feed every week until conditions improve, except winter.  In Winter feed fortnightly after the winter Solstice.

Ships Australia Post flat rate satchel.

All of our products are hand-crafted with love in Bendigo Victoria.

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Weight 1 kg

1kg, 3kg, 6kg


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