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Sugar Cake Bee Candy

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Our new bee boost sugar cake bee candy is basically awesome.  These sugar bricks contain bee boost powder and Spirulina for extra protein giving your bees a nutrient packed carbohydrate hit.  We’ve also added our special blend of essential oils known for their attractant and therapeutic properties.  Bees find them, eat them, and love them.

The sugar cakes can be used as a slow release sugar feed to stimulate colonies in late winter and early spring or as an emergency feed for colonies light on honey stores. Simply place on the top bars of the brood nest or on top of a feeder board to allow bees easy access to the candy.  Our sugar cakes can even be fed outside the hive to stimulate foraging on warmer days.

Sugar cakes are sold in 500 g blocks, sized for a full 8 or 10 frame hive.  The cakes can easily be broken to the size required based on the strength of the hive.  We recommend feeding around 60 g per frame of bees.  Overfeeding is not a huge problem with this product as we have yet to see small hive beetle activity in any sugar cake, but always something to keep an eye on.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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1.5 kg (3 cakes), 4 kg (8 cakes), 6 kg (12 cakes)


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