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One in Three Honey celebrates our relationship with bees and helps secure this connection into the future. It’s pretty simple really-bees pollinate about a third of all the food we eat. Honey bees, native bees, and other pollinators protect our food security through foraging on flowers collecting their own food: pollen and nectar.

We give back a third of the proceeds from honey sales to pollinators through school grants funding pollinator gardens, food education, or environmental science for children. Every pot of One in Three Honey is produced by hard working research bee hives within 30 kms of Bendigo, it’s pretty special and very local!

Special connection to Annie Galvin ELC

Over the past four years AGELC has become a second home and extended family for the Gerdts-Martin family. The love, support, encouragement and continuity of this community has provided a safe place for Peita to learn and grow into the amazing kinder kid that she is and has allowed Jody to go work with bees and grow Bee Scientifics into a successful business. We couldn’t have done it without you all and we are so grateful to AGELC for hosting the inaugural One in Three Honey event. We can’t wait to see what becomes possible.

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