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NutriEZ Pollen Patty 3kg

$70.00 Inc GST


Spirulina is added to our Bee Build pollen patty giving your bees a power-packed feed. Yes, Green Pollen Patties! Spirulina is considered a super food due to its excellent nutritional content with high protein and vitamin contents as well as essential fatty acids. Your bees will thank you.

These Nutri-packed patties are sold in 1 kg packs of 8 – 125 g (approximately) patties and are specially crafted to feed nucleus colonies, cell builders, or queen mother colonies where high quality nutrition is essential.  One patty is the perfect size for a nucleus colony to consume in 2-3 days preventing the risk of small hive beetle activity.

As always, Bee Build protein supplement helps support your bees nutritional needs when quality natural pollen is in short supply.  Proteins, fats, and amino acids are essential for building more bees and keeping healthy brood.  Ships in Australia Post 3 kg flat rate satchel.

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