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Mated Queen Bees

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It’s Queen Time!!

Please note: We are not taking orders for queens at the moment! We will update the website if queens become available.

Good choice!  Thank you for considering buying queens from us.  Our queens are reared from our own Artificially Inseminated breeding stock derived from intensive selection for great bees.  We work with commercial beekeepers in central Victoria and Queensland to field trial performance and only the best genetics comes back for replication.

As you know, we are not just queen producers, but queen breeders involved in honey bee health research. Supporting us means you are supporting bee research in Australia that benefits us all.

For orders of more than 15, please contact us directly for best pricing and availability. M: 0427 075 662

Something new in 2020!

Want to be involved with queen breeding?  Now you can.  We are keeping diligent records about where your queens come from.  Every cage will have a number on it that will help us identify your queen and traceback her genetics.  If you would like to participate, about two times a year we will send you a short survey to get an idea of how your queens are going.  We would like to hear what you think about their performance, disease resistance, and honey gathering.  This basic feedback will give us a nice look at the performance of open mated stocks and also start up-skilling a pool of citizen scientists (you) that will be the crux of breeding efforts once we are battling Varroa.  Let’s start working out our cooperative breeding systems now while it is still easy!

Queens sent out on Mondays and Tuesdays

Queens will be sent in an express post mailing satchel to your local post office only or organise pick up in Bendigo.  Please provide address details for your nominated post office when ordering. If you are purchasing other items in addition to queens please purchase the express post satchel separately.

Be safe out there and happy Beekeeping!


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