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Onion Pollination Underway

What’s red and white and has buzz all over it?  Onion pollination in Riverina, Victoria of course! Onions grown for seed are quite a sight-long rows of green stems with tufted white inflorescences (a group of flowers) on top.  In order for these inflorescences to shoot up in early summer making flowers and seeds, the onion … Read moreOnion Pollination Underway

Cover Picture of Australian Bee Journal!

Published Bee Picture! The latest issue of the Australian Bee Journal is quite special for Bee Scientifics!  The cover features a photo called “waiting for rain to end” taken by the company’s proprietor, Jody Gerdts, in her apiary in Minnesota.  The picture was one of two award winning photos from the Victorian Apiarist’s Association annual … Read moreCover Picture of Australian Bee Journal!