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Feeding Bee Build

External Feeding

Attracting bees

External feeding allows foraging bees to collect Bee Build on their legs and bring it back to the hive as they would natural pollen. This method works great to supplementary feed protein during pollen poor honey flows or keep brood rearing active when temperatures are warm enough to fly.

Make about 500 ml 1:1 sugar syrup with 4-5 drops of lemongrass oil added.  Give each hive a taste of the syrup and place the remaining in a container in the flight path of the bees.

Once bees are attracted to the syrup, move the container with the syrup to the location of the Bee Build feeder.  After there is significant recruitment, switch the container of sugar syrup for a container of Bee Build.  

Now the bees will be oriented to the Bee Build feeder.  Keep the feeder filled when pollen is not available.

Everybody loves Bee Build!

Place a wire mesh over the container to prevent birds and other critters from eating the Bee Build…or just feed them too!

Feeding Inside

Feed Bee Build Sausage to smaller colonies with a reduced field forage force or to large and small colonies when temperatures are too cold to fly.  Keep the patty close to the brood nest accessible to nurse bees.  

Only feed as much as the colony can eat in 4-5 days.  Over feeding can encourage small hive beetle.  If you find small white larvae in the sausage patty, place in the freezer destroy them before they can mature and spread.

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