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Queen Rearing

Raising your own queens is one of the most rewarding endeavors in beekeeping and it is easy to do. This class takes a science based approach to queen rearing. We train beekeepers to understand and work with bee’s natural tendencies to successfully raise queens in any size operation.

Queen Rearing Workshop 2020

December 4, 5, 6 2020 in Bendigo Victoria

This workshop is suitable for experienced beekeepers who want to learn about re-queening and be empowered to raise their own queens for splits or to re-queen old or failing queens.

Also suitable….

If you are a commercial beekeeper looking to raise a large number of queens on a regular basis to make increases in your operation or replace failing queens then this workshop is for you.

• Optimum conditions for queen rearing
• Honey bee biology
• Breeder selection
• Locally adapted stock
• Grafting
• Raising cells
• Mating virgins
• Requeening with cells

Course fee: $495

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