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Feeding Bees Part 1: Anecdotal Science

Measured Anecdotal Science Deciding to feed bees requires quite a bit of forethought.  This is best to do BEFORE the bees are hungry.  How are you going to feed; what are you going to feed; when are you going to feed?  Luckily I had some, but not all, of this figured out. The other part … Read more Feeding Bees Part 1: Anecdotal Science

Resistance vs Tolerance

The USDA-ARS Honey Bee Breeding lab is world renowned for bee research attracting collaborations from United States and international organisations. During my visit at the lab, Dr. Jiri Danihlik from Palacky_University in Olomouc Czechia spent a few weeks working on a project started by a student of his studying oxidative stress in bees. Dr. Juri … Read more Resistance vs Tolerance

ISS Agribusiness Fellowship 2018!

The International Specialised Skills Institute (ISS) is excited to help support honey bee research!  Jody Gerdts was awarded a travel fellowship to study Varroa tolerance selection techniques with some key bee labs in the United States in July-August 2019.  The goal of this project is to learn about traits and selection methods instrumental in helping … Read more ISS Agribusiness Fellowship 2018!