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Jody Gerdts

Dr. Jody Gerdts, Founder and Managing Director
Bendigo, Victoria
P: 0427 075 662

Jody Gerdts is the principal researcher and educator at Bee Scientifics.  She is a fourth generation beekeeper and holds a Bachelors of Arts in Environmental Education and Master’s degree in Environmental Science. She recently finished her PhD through LatTrobe University studying Australian chalkbrood and hygienic behaviour.

Jody’s family has a connection with bees and beekeeping beginning back in the 1930′s when Jody’s great grandfather, E.H. Adee, bought six beehives at an auction. Over the decades since then her family’s beekeeping operations have varied from a few hives in the back yard to full migratory commercial operations. 

In 2014, Jody founded the business, Bee Scientifics, to provide breeding consultation services for commercial beekeepers and best practice beekeeping training for new and experienced beekeepers emphasising cornerstones of honey bee health: pest and disease management, nutrition and stock selection.

Since arriving in Victoria in November 2013, Jody has been actively involved in the Australian Honey Bee Industry, attending and speaking at State and regional conferences on her latest research.

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