Bee Scientifics

ISS Agribusiness Fellowship 2018!

The International Specialised Skills Institute (ISS) is excited to help support honey bee research!  Jody Gerdts was awarded a travel fellowship to study Varroa tolerance selection techniques with some key bee labs in the United States in July-August 2019.  The goal of this project is to learn about traits and selection methods instrumental in helping bees defend themselves against Varroa mites.  Upon returning to Australia we will adapt the techniques to the Australian beekeeping industry.  Hopefully better preparing ourselves for winning the Varroa battle.

Thank you to the ISS Institute and good luck to all the 2018 fellows!

Propolis Flow at Darebin Parklands

Last week I was at Darebin Parklands checking queens from the nucs we made during our queen rearing workshop.  I was working late into the evening watching the sky fill with daunting rain clouds (57 ml of rain the following day!) and preparing to shift the colonies back to Bendigo.

At 7:00pm, the girls were bringing in loads of pollen, resin collectors were abundant and there was a very heavy nectar shake.  Needless to say, I did not shift the bees that night!  Why would I??  They are filling up their boxes and getting ready to host another round of queens come the new year.