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Research and Training

Bee Scientifics specialises in science based honey bee breeding, education and training.  We conduct research on honey bee health,  maintain a breeding program, and offer classes, workshops and field days for beekeepers.

Our goal is to provide long-term solutions to honey bee health threats through conducting and translating research into best management practices.

Upcoming Queen Rearing Course

Current Research

We are currently in the final phase of a four year study to better understand the relationship between honey bees and chalkbrood in Australia.

This work included a large-scale project to select and breed for hygienic behaviour in honey bees, a national effort to genotype Ascosphaera apis-the fungus that causes chalkbrood disease, identifying volatiles associated with chalkbrood infected larvae, and challenging larvae with different strains of chalkbrood.

We will have a full report on our findings available here early 2019.  Join up to our newsletter for the latest updates.

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