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Science Based Education

We love science and you will too! Our science based approach helps de-mystify the art of beekeeping.

Bee Feed

Sometimes nature can't feed your bees and it is up to you to step in and help them out. Bee Build works a charm.

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Upcoming Beekeeping Courses

Join our sixth annual Queen Rearing Course with our friends from the Practical Beekeeper.  Held this year in Bendigo Victoria December 4, 5, 6 2020.

More information or to register go here.

Apiculture in Action

Bee Scientifics specialises in science based honey bee breeding, education and training. We conduct research on honey bee health,  maintain a breeding program, and offer classes, workshops and field days for beekeepers.

Our goal is to provide long-term solutions to honey bee health threats through conducting and translating research into best management practices.


International Specialised Skills Institute Agribusiness Fellowship Report

Thank you to the team at the ISSI and the Victorian Honey bee Compensation and Industry Development Fund for making a dream trip a reality.  In July- August 2019 we visited several beekeeping operations projects focused on breeding for Varroa resistance. It was an amazing, eyeopening, and inspiring experience and provides great hope for Australia’s future.  Read about the people and organisations visited as well as our recommendations for Preparing for Varroa in Australia here.

We have finished our study  to better understand the relationship between honey bees and chalkbrood in Australia.

This work included a large-scale project to select and breed for hygienic behaviour in honey bees, a national effort to genotype Ascosphaera apis-the fungus that causes chalkbrood disease, identifying volatiles associated with chalkbrood infected larvae, and challenging larvae with different strains of chalkbrood.

Please follow this link to the Agrifutures report to learn all about the research findings.  Join up to our newsletter for the latest updates.

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